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Welcome to the CoCreative Learning community. Irrespective of whether you join or form a CoCreative Learning group, the information on this website provides invaluable guidance to help your learning. The Principles and Process of CoCreative Learning are universally applicable and beneficial.

If you are looking to learn a skill, such as a language, it comes with a culture, its own folklore and philosophy. CoCreative Learning will not only accelerate your command of the language but will give you greater depth of understanding of what you read, hear and discuss. Everything is interconnected but our world views are divided by more than language. Co-creative learning helps us understand life from different perspectives to resolve conflict and disagreement.

What we hope, is to create space for a globally distributed conversation. Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” which may be true, as far as it goes, but many changes have worsened our chances of survival as a species because they invariably address symptoms rather than the underlying disease: ignorance of how the world really works. Co-creative learning is the bedrock on which to hold a global conversation to understand how we work together for a better world for everyone.

From modest beginnings, we hope to encourage others develop and agree a shared understanding, one conversation at a time. This doesn’t require large numbers. There is much evidence of the power of co-creative learning and it is to do with resonance. Jazz Razool has created a “resonance engine” to harness the power of co-creative learning. Sugata Mitra’s SOLE experiment shows the power of co-creative learning among “uneducated” slum children in India. Critical Thinking has co-created a viable model of the global political economy, supported by copious evidence from a widely distributed network of information sources.

We’ve experienced the power of co-creative learning but the only way to feel it, is to do it.

In your journey of exploration, you will meet some of the most centred, generous people on the planet. Generous with their time; their indulgence and kindness; and with their patience. You will form new relationships and reinforce existing ones but take care not to “impose” your views on others. Use questions, rather than giving answers.

Learning begins with a question. Imagine a better future and ask yourself, what are the questions, the answers to which will lead us towards that ideal?

Your first question(s)

You may already have questions and when you’re ready to start, with your notebook to the ready, note your first question(s), in one, two or three words, on the MindMap on the first page, above or around your group Identity in the centre of the page – see Process. That question (or those questions) are the starting point for your journey of exploration.

Your first MindMap

If you don’t already have a question, we suggest you consider starting your exploration around learning itself. Are the assertions made in the CoCreative Learning Introduction valid? Your work around this question will expand your understanding and open up many opportunities for further learning to co-create with others.

Thank you

For taking time to explore and contribute to the CoCreative Learning Project. If you’re engaged in co-creative learning already, even to a limited degree, this is likely reflected in the Project. This project is the product of so many people’s work and inspiration, too many to quantify or name. The Critical Thinking MindMaps give an indication of the breadth and diversity of contributions to our learning.

A global conversation has already started and you are most warmly invited to join in.

The CoCreation Learning Project is but one seed to grow a global ecology of co-creative learning, to reach a shared understanding of the world. It is up to us to water the seeds and give them light.

All of the methods, tools, information and materials on this website are for you to use and share freely.

For further information or guidance, email: admin [AT] cocreativelearning.org

Humility accelerates learning