How do I start CoCreative Learning?

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If, however, you are an independent researcher, currently not in a group and not in a position to form or join one, there are many aspects of CoCreative Learning which can be applied to your current research and may help improve your learning. The Principles, Process and Sources are essential even without the “discussion, review and analysis” in a “group”. Adopting the CoCreative Learning methodology, particularly the use of MindMaps to develop a Model of the political economy, will accelerate your learning and expand your understanding.

How do I find other CoCreative Learning groups/communities?

See CoCreative Learning Information Exchange

I’m an independent researcher/analyst and have no desire to join or form a “group”, can I still participate in CoCreative Learning?

Yes. See How do I start CoCreative Learning? FAQ above

A CoCreative Learning group is your first “filter” to help you cover more ground and more easily discard the Irrelevant but there is no reason why you can’t encourage others, either groups or individuals, to adopt the Process and Principles thereby creating an informal “filtering” group and circle of trust to accelerate your learning and expand your understanding.

You have your own community already and practising CoCreative Learning will plug them into the wider, distributed CoCreative Learning ecology. You and those within your “circle of trust” become “nodes” within a global network of co-creative learning.

Many independent researchers are doing invaluable primary and secondary research to help the rest of us trying to make sense of the world. How much more powerful and effective would their work be, if they co-created their narrative for the political economy? – don’t sing from the same “hymn sheet” but develop the narrative co-creatively.

How do I contact CoCreative Learning?

For further information or guidance, email: admin [AT] cocreativelearning.org