CoCreative Learning Information Exchange

We hope to see a CoCreative Learning ecosystem evolve.

If anyone wants to “build” a searchable, free, open source co-creative learning information exchange, we’ll gladly link this page to it. And there’s no reason why there should be only one – a distributed network of information “nodes” supporting the ecosystem of co-creative learning.

This is a shared endeavour to co-create a shared understanding among people – a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

We come across other co-creative initiatives via our CoCreative Learning ecology. For the time being, we’ll share them here:

SOLE Central

SOLE Central is a global hub for research into self-organised learning environments (SOLEs). It brings together researchers, practitioners, policymakers and entrepreneurs.

Professor Sugata Mitra’s work has transformed lives in the most disadvantaged communities in the world. Our aim is to build on these strong foundations.

Newcastle University’s School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences leads this interdisciplinary research centre.

It involves academics from across the University. Find out more about us here:

MacroRisk Connect

The MacroRisk Connect Programme is the foundation of an “ecosystem”, drawing on the principles and process of CoCreative Learning, to assess and evaluate macro risks in the evolving political economy. CoCreative Learning, once experienced, becomes a habit for lifelong learning.

The Cointelligence Institute

Wise Democracy Project

Together we can be wiser than any of us can be alone. We need to know how to tap that wisdom.

Healthy communities, institutions and societies — perhaps even our collective survival — depend on our ability to organize our collective affairs more wisely, in tune with each other and nature.

This ability to wisely organize our lives together — all of us being wiser together than any of us could be alone — we call co-intelligence. Co-intelligence is diverse people working really well together in ways that make things better from a bigger picture perspective – especially in the face of challenge and change.

In its broadest sense, co-intelligence involves accessing the wisdom of the whole on behalf of the whole.

Co-intelligence is emerging through new developments in democracy, organizational development, collaborative processes, the Internet and systems sciences like ecology and complexity. Today millions of people are involved in co-creating co-intelligence. Our diverse efforts grow more effective as we discover we are part of a larger evolutionary enterprise, and as we learn together and from each other.

The Co-Intelligence Institute works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence. It focuses on catalyzing co-intelligence in the realms of politics, governance, economics and conscious evolution of ourselves and our social systems. We research, network, advocate, and help organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in order to weave what is possible into new, wiser forms of civilization.

This site includes hundreds of articles and references describing proven methods, innovative models, practical visions and the theoretical frameworks that weave them all together. It has rightly been called a treasure-trove. Welcome to its resources. You can get a good overview on our FAQ and Topics pages.

Thank you for whatever you may be doing to make groups, organizations, communities and whole cultures more effective, vibrant, sustainable and wise. We expect our work to empower yours. We welcome your support.

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